Fireproof Foam Insulation

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Airkrete is Fireproof

Building in flames. The half insulated with Airkrete did not burn.

Airkrete insulation does not burn

Airkrete is concrete-based foam insulation and does not burn.

  • On-site manufacturing infuses MgO concrete slurry into foam to create the best insulation available.
  • MgO concrete is used in furnaces as fireproof bricks
  • Imagine your walls are full of fireproof material that is ALSO insulation!

Airkrete is Injected into Walls / Ceilings

Injecting Airkrete insulation into a stucco wall

Airkrete injection foam may fill from the interior or exterior

Thousands of California homes have no insulation in the walls. Airkrete is the only viable solution.

  • Insulate without removing drywall or stucco
  • Reduce building air leakage
  • Each wall cavity is drilled and filled with Airkrete foam
  • Superior thermal performance (R4 per inch)

Airkrete for New Construction

Airkrete installs behind netting in new construction

Airkrete installs behind netting in new construction

Airkrete foam insulation in new construction walls.


Airkrete is perfect for new construction

  • Fills behind pipes, wires, and framing
  • Creates a monolithic piece of foam insulation sized perfectly to the stud cavity
  • Can be installed in un-vented attic applications or vented attic installations
  • R13 in 2×4 construction; R19 in 2×6 construction

Airkrete is Pest-proof and Mold-proof

Airkrete is a cement based and dries out bugs and rodents who touch it.

Have you ever worked with concrete and noticed it dries out your skin? Imagine being a bug or rodent and trying to crawl through cement powder? These pests hate Airkrete and tend to leave ASAP!

The same is true for mold growth. Because Airkrete is cement-based (inorganic) it cannot be a food source for mold.

Airkrete is Soundproofing Material

Airkrete is ideal for soundproofing existing walls

The complex Airkrete cell structure “traps” noise

Airkrete is Non-toxic

  • Airkrete does not contain any petroleum-based products or formaldehyde products
  • Airkrete is used to help chemically sensitive people insulate their home
  • Airkrete improves your indoor air quality

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