Concrete Leveling

Sunken or uneven concrete? We have your solution!

951 Construction specializes in concrete leveling or lifting. We have the capability to inject foam under existing concrete slabs, solidify sub base, and raise sunken concrete.

    Concrete settles for several reasons:

  • Poor soil compaction
  • Soil erosion
  • Rodents and pests
  • Earthquakes and geological activity.

Concrete will begin to crack as voids develop and slabs begin to settle and also due to oversaturation from water. Concrete is like a living organism, it breaths, takes on moisture, emits moisture, and expands and contracts. The concrete leveling foam will first fill any voids, compact the soil, and then begin to lift. Some concrete slabs require that the soil be stabilized at a deeper level before it lifts.

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Get stabilized with Precision!

The most common foam we use for lifting has a compressive strength of 6500lbs per square foot. We have the ability to inject and lift concrete with foam that has a compressive strength of 28,000lbs per square foot and more. Concrete leveling can save anywhere from 30% to 70% of replacement depending on the job. Mud jacking is a method of the past. Get stabilized with Precision!
Driveway sunk over an inch, needed concrete lifting
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How does it work?

How foam injection concrete lifting works

For concrete lifting and leveling, we use innovative and proven
technology that is long-lasting, quick, and cost-effective for residential and commercial applications.

We specialize in foam injection lifting using environmentally friendly polyurethane foam, which can be used in any weather and will never breakdown. Polyurethane foam is impermeable to may water, does not shrink, crack, or erode over time.

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Why is foam injection concrete lifting better than other methods?

  • Costs Less – Foam Injections costs 50% less than concrete replacement.
  • Non Invasive – No heavy equipment to block or tear up your driveway, warehouse or landscaping.
  • Clean – There is no water or mud mess afterwards, just clean and smooth concrete.
  • Quick – Foam concrete lifting can take as little as 30 minutes to a few hours, as opposed to days for other methods. Additionally, the work area can be immediately returned to use.
  • Lightweight – Our eco-friendly polyurethane foam weighs just 2.5 lbs. per cu ft., as opposed to grout or mud, which can be more than 150 lbs.
  • Long Term – Foam not only fixes the problem, it eliminates the cause. Concrete settles due to decomposition, erosion, and groundwater migration. By injecting polyurethane foam into loose soils and voids, we strengthen the earth and provide water-tight encapsulation. The slab will remain serviceable for decades.
Benefits of different methods of concrete lifting
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We provide Concrete Lifting & Stabilization for:

Parking Lots
Residential Floors
Pool Decks
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Concrete leveling

Concrete leveling is a superior solution in commercial settings where sidewalks, parking lots, shopping centers, malls, grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals, elderly care centers, and retirement living areas need a quick turnaround repair. Down time demolition out and replacement is not only inconvenient, but not efficient or necessary. On an industrial level, warehouses, oil refineries, semi-truck docks and parking lots, DOT rest areas, bridge approaches, grain bins, and factories all have needs for an immediate solution for settled concrete.

Burrowing animals caused step slab to drop and crack
Uneven slab due to erosion before concrete lifting
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Get stabilized with 951 Construction!

Before and after of a settled sidewalk to house
Before and after of sidewalk
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