Electric Water Heater Rebates

The electric water heater is probably the most expensive way to heat water, and now you have a better option. Replace your electric water heater with a thermal solar water heater system and receive thousands of dollars in rebates!

  • Replace your electric water heater with solar
  • Avoid paying “upper tier” electric rates
  • Thermal solar water heating is proven technology that saves money
  • Thousands of dollars in rebate money is available per site

Anyone who has felt hot water coming out of a garden hose knows thermal solar water heaters work. Now technology has made these systems effective even in cool weather.

Replace your electric water heater with 100% financing from HERO, plus receive a CASH rebate! Call us today (855.226.5577) to learn more, or CLICK HERE to request information.

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Replace your expensive electric water heater SAVE!
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  • Solar Water Heaters capture heat from the sun.
  • High efficiency solar collectors trap heat from the sun.
  • Heated water is stored in a large insulated tank for later use.
  • Solar Water Heaters have minimal operating costs.
  • Solar Water Heaters are protected from freeze and overheat damage.

951 Construction is qualified to design the right solar water heater to replace your electric water heater and provide you low cost water heating for years to come!

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