What is a Spray Foam Roofing System?

40+ Years in Service

Spray foam roofing has a service life of more than 40 years and can be recoated easily at a minimal cost. Spray Foam roofing system consists of durable lightweight foam and a protective roof coating. It is sprayed in place as a liquid that expands to fill cracks and crevices and then forms as a hard durable monolithic roof surface.


MILLION Board feet of roofing spray foam installed annually in the U.S
Smart Investment Spray Foam roofing systems provide low maintenance costs, long service life, reduction in energy bills, and is the only roofing system that pays for itself.Learn more about your roofing options, and discover why spray foam roofing is the best roofing system on the market today.

 Reroof Now!

Conventional Roofing 70% Problems

70% of significant building problems are related to roofs and building envelopes.*

  If you have a conventional roofing system chances are you have significant roofing problems. Roof leaks, water damage, flashing trouble, high energy bills, and high maintenance costs, are probably some of the issues you encounter on a regular basis. 4.5  Number of years to recover the complete cost of a spray foam roof through energy savings**

    Spray Foam over existing roof --->> 100% Solution

Installing a Spray Foam spray foam roofing system can solve most existing roofing issues. In most cases a spray foam roof can be installed directly over your existing roof without its removal. Best of all your new Spray Foam roof will start paying for itself through energy savings and significant reduction in maintenance costs.


*70% of all liability claims- Associated General Contractors of America, American Bar Association **Texas A&M University study

 Seams & Fasteners - Conventional Roofing Systems

A single ply roofing system has seams that are prone to leaking. On a 40,000 square foot roof these leak potential seams can stretch the length of 7,200 feet or twenty football fields.

20,000 - > Fasteners

Number of leak potential fasteners on a 40,000 square foot roofing system with polyiso board.

23% R-Value Loss

Fasteners cause thermal bridging dramatically lowering the insulation value and energyefficiency of the building.*

 Spray Foam Roofing Systems

Seams & Fasteners

Number of leak potential joints, seams, and fasteners on a spray foam roofing system


Spray Foam Seamless Monolithic System

From wall-to-wall spray foam provides a seamless roof install with no mechanical fasteners, providing the building with an unsurpassed air barrier and increased thermal resistance. spray foam also provides self-flashing around HVAC curbs, vents, and skylights, adding additional protection against moisture and air infiltration

 Roof Failures - Conventional Roofing Systems


Have Serious Problems within 1 Year*
*National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA)
The Superdome roofing failure ->Half of the 9.7 acre EPDM single ply membrane was blown off during hurricane      Katrina,  and led to collapse of two 20’x5’ sections of the roof ->Lack of an air barrier and leaks in the EPDM membrane contributed to the failure ->New Superdome roof has been fixed with a spray foam roofing system

 Durability - Spray Foam Roofing Systems


Do NOT Leak

at average age of 10 Years**

Spray Foam - Severe Storm Resistant

Spray Foam roof systems fair better in extreme weather, including hail, high winds, and falling debris. A post-Hurricane Katrina study concluded that all spray foam roofs but one minor exception sustained the hurricane without blow-off of the SPF or damage to flashings.* Spray foam roofing systems perform extremely well in hurricane conditions, helping keep roofs intact, and buildings moisture free *National Institute of Science Technology (NIST) **Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University

 Energy Savings - Spray Foam Roofing Systems

 Heating & Cooling

SAVE 40%



Heat transfer blocked by 2 of Spray Foam*


Reduction in air leakage**


Reduction in natural gas bills**


Reduction in total electrical consumption**


Amount of solar energy reflected away***
*ICC-ES **National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ***Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)

 Lifecycle Costing - Comparing Systems

Roof Lifecycle Cost Per Square Foot*

Single Ply PVC, TPO, EPDM


Built Up Roof With Cap Sheet


Built Up Roof With Gravel Ballast


Spray Foam Roofing System


 Sustainability - Comparing Systems

Construction Waste for a 40,000 sqft Roof over 30 years*

        I think I’m going to need a bigger truck! Built-Up Roof with Gravel Ballast 360,800 lbs Built-Up Roof with Cap Sheet 176,800 lbs Single Ply Roofing System Fully Adhered 70,000 lbs Spray Foam Roofing System 55 lbs
 *Assumes traditional roof tear-off at end of typical system lifespan

 Spray Foam Advantage

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